Lady Links Point Scoring System

Point Quota

Each member has to establish a Point Quota. The first time a member plays she is frozen in order to establish her quota. The point quota is averaged after the third round the member plays.


Each member puts in 3 dollars for the prize kitty. The money is split and given out in Gift Certificates at the end of every Quarter. When points can not be taken on a hole we ask that the member picks her ball up in order to keep up the pace of play.

Quadruple Bogey (4 over par) 1 point
Triple Bogey (3 over par) 2 points
Double Bogey (2 over par) 3 points
Bogey (1 over par) 4 points
Par Even 6 points
Birdie (1 under par) points
Eagle or Hole in One (2 under par) 12 points